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  • Experienced and Professional

    Davis & Associates provides experienced and professional services with the efficiency and personalty of a small law practice.

  • Firearm Dealer Representation

    From beginning to end, Davis & Associates can help your firearms business navigate the complex and convoluted firearm laws, regulations, and opinions that today's lawful businesses face.

  • Business Law

    Businesses face legal obligations on a daily basis. From incorporation and by laws to minutes and meetings. From contracts to breach-of-contract, corporate filings to business licenses and permits. Davis & Associates can help.

  • Intellectual Property & Entertainment Law

    Davis & Associates can help you navigate the treacherous waters of entering into business transactions involving protectable intellectual property and ensuring that the same interests are protected in the long run.

  • Federal and State Firearms Laws

    Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with "assault weapon" and other "dangerous weapons" laws and regulations. Criminal defense, civil litigation, "assault weapon" permits, and legislative drafting.

  • Civil Litigation

    Lawsuits are a fact of life these days. Davis & Associates strives to provide top-notch, results-orientated representation and honest consultation such that our clients are fully informed in every step of the process.

  • Criminal Defense & Consultation

    Davis & Associates' criminal defense practice is unique in its offerings, providing not only skillful criminal defense representation, but also attorney-to-attorney consultations for those already represented but in need of firearms law advice.

  • “Assault Weapon” Issues

    Californian's are creative and have found multiple methods of complying with California's firearm laws that are often overlooked by law-enforcement. Davis & Associates stands on the leading-edge of these technologies and the legal issues surrounding them.

Professional Representation with a LIFETIME of Experience.

Business Law

Formation, breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, and general counsel, etc.

General Civil Litigation

Civil rights violations, wrongful death, personal injury, municipal and state litigation, general consultation, etc.

Entertainment Law

Residual disputes with Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild of America, Directors Guild, etc.

Criminal Defense

Firearms related charges, including “assault weapons,” “unlawful discharge,” “unlawful carrying,” etc.

Firearm Owners

Restoration of rights, possession / transfer / trust issues, collection inspections, & general consultation.

Firearm Dealers

ATF & DOJ inspections, operation issues, preventative planning, permits & licenses, & consultation.

Firearm Associations

Experienced federal, state, and local industry level representation in all three branches of government.

Firearm Manufacturers

Product liability, state and federal compliance liaison, opinion letters, firearm submissions issues, etc.

SB 175

SB 175

AB 854

AB 854

Silvester v. Harris

Silvester v. Harris

People v. Burbridge

People v. Burbridge

Nordyke v. King

Nordyke v. King

CLRC Revision Project

CLRC Revision Project

Assembly Bill 2728

Assembly Bill 2728

McDonald v. Chicago

McDonald v. Chicago

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