Firearms & Dangerous Weapons Laws

Jason Davis began working in the California firearms industry as a teen when he began work at his father’s handgun manufacturing business, Davis Industries, Inc.  With four of his family’s businesses consistently listed in the top ten handgun manufacturers in the United States, Mr. Davis gained a unique perspective and understanding of firearms, firearms businesses, and the industry as a whole.  As frivolous laws and lawsuits gained momentum and burdened many in the industry out of business in the 1990‘s, Mr. Davis made it his mission to defend the rights firearm owners and businesses.

With over twenty-three years of experience in the firearms industry, DAVIS & ASSOCIATES has developed the relationships and understanding of firearms and dangerous weapons laws necessary to succeed in this highly political environment.  Our attorneys have fought hard to defend your right to bear arms, challenging federal, state, and local laws and regulations in both the court houses and regulatory proceedings.

We have experience representing multiple leading firearms rights associations, most recently the CalGuns Foundation, in Civil Rights litigation and policy issues.  We have also represented various law enforcement agencies and officers, industry trade associations, gun shows, importers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, special effects companies, prop houses, armories, pyro-technicians, and individuals who face federal and state licensing, permits, and compliance issues or criminal charges.  We know the details and background behind California’s gun laws.  And, we know the people enforcing those laws.

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