Administrative Law

Our clients come to us because they need representation by someone who understands the  law, politics, and personalities of the federal  and state governmental agencies. We know how regulations are conceived, drafted, applied by agencies, and reviewed by courts, and the rules by which the regulatory world proceeds. We also understand, often from first-hand experience, how the federal and state governments work, and the many ways its agencies and offices can help or harm individuals and businesses. We are experienced and prepared to protect and promote the interests of our clients in any and all parts of the administrative process, including:


* Negotiating more favorable regulatory decisions;

* Conducting litigation before administrative law judges;

* Overturning unfavorable government actions by challenges in federal or state courts, on

grounds that may range from technical and procedural, to fundamental and constitutional.


We are comfortable representing clients before federal and state officials and agencies.  Examples of our experience includes prior service in:


* Representing clients in federal and state license revocation hearings;

* Drafting and opposing proposed regulations;

* Removal of underground regulations;

* Return of property seized by agencies;

* Obtaining regulatory variances; and

* Clarification of existing law and regulations;


In steering or challenging administrative action, we focus on the client’s needs and on selecting the best means to serve them. We know when and with whom to negotiate a client’s problems with the government, and when negotiation offers an acceptable solution. But we also are prepared to conduct or defend administrative proceedings, or to take the agency to court when that is called for. While the firm often uses low-key approaches to achieve a client’s objectives, government officials respect the fact that we are prepared to aggressively pursue litigation, a fact that can strengthen the client’s negotiating posture.