New D&A Website & Other Updates

New D&A Website & Other Updates

Davis & Associates is proud to announce the creation of our new website.  With this website, we plan on keeping our clients and the general public more informed about our business and the markets we represent.

As if our blog were not enough, we have provided a link in the top right side of our website dubbed “All Gun News” that takes you to the updated the Davis & Associates firearm news website,, a consolidated firearms news blog that includes news from the leading firearm associations and organizations world wide.  And now, features magazine style browsing while using iPad devices.

And, for those with the iPhone or iPad, we continue to keep you informed via the $0.99 Gun Rights iPhone app available on iTunes.

If you would like to subscribe to our list, please “SUBSCRIBE TO THE RING OF FIRE BLOG” on the right-side column of this page.  If you have already subscribed to Davis & Associates, we ask that you subscribe again to ensure that you receive future updates.

Let us know what you think about our new look and what information you would like to see by Contacting Us.