FAQ: I am a gun owner and not being prosecuted for anything. Why would I need an attorney?

California firearm laws are dynamic and ever-changing.  Gun collectors in California are perpetually standing on shifting sand.  A firearm you purchased lawfully at a big retail chain store today could be illegal to possess tomorrow.  This is the situation that many faced when California enacted the “Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Act” and its progeny.  One of the unique offerings at Davis & Associates is an inventory analysis to determine whether the firearms owned and possessed are lawful under California law.   We will analyze:

  1. Whether the firearm is lawful to possess;
  2. Whether the firearm was obtained and/or transferred lawfully;
  3. Whether the firearm was or needed to be registered with the State of California;
  4. and more.

To the extent that the situation surrounding the firearm is found to be unlawful or in a “grey” area, Davis & Associates can provide consultation and potential resolutions.