California Firearm Dealer Best Business Practices Program and Guide


Operating a business in California is hard enough. Operating a firearm business in California is insane. It takes guts, drive, energy, and the ability to successfully navigate the myriad of California, federal, and local laws. Davis & Associates cannot provide you with guts, drive, or energy, but having gained a lifetime of experience in the firearm industry, from manufacturer to counsel for the leading firearms manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and associations, we are able to provide California Dealers with the guidance, clarity, and advise necessary to avoid becoming a target of ATF or DOJ license revocation or worse – criminal prosecution.

Now, Davis & Associates offers a California Dealer Survival Package to assist those businesses endeavoring to survive in this politically charged climate. Our program provides eight hours of discounted attorney consultation time that can be used throughout the year to clarify issues, perform internal audits, train, or for general advise and consultation.

As part of our program, each dealer will receive the California Firearm Dealer Best Business Practices – Dealer Survival Guide. The Dealer Survival Guide provides advise, analysis, tips, and more to assist dealer in every facet of their operation; from start-up, to set-up, advertising, warranties, intake, transfers, dealing with inventory, how to deal with regulatory inspections, checklists, forms and more.

For the less than the price of a good rifle you can have the added security of a qualified firearms attorney on call to handle the extraordinary issues that California firearm dealers face.

8 Hour Prepay Package and Dealer Survival Guide for $2,000.00.
         (Effective hourly rate of $250.00/hr – Standard rate of $350.00/hr = ~28% discount.)

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